Green Initiatives


At Lexington Center, “Going green” is more than just about switching off room lights and idle computer screens. Lexington Center champions green initiatives and continually strives to adopt greener practices and processes.

Lexington Center believes that the environment belongs to all of us, and we each have a responsibility to ensure its well-being. Lexington Center prides itself on having a positive influence on the environment for which we share.

In 2006, Lexington Center committed to an extensive, corporate-wide recycling program that has resulted in the annual recycling of more than 25 tons of cardboard alone. Recycling bins are located in all employee office areas, convention center meetings, trade shows and exhibitions, Rupp Arena concerts and family shows.

In 2008, Lexington Center concessions transitioned from using non-recyclable PET (petroleum oil-based) container products to compostable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) greenware products made from renewable resources. In addition, cocktail and beer cups as well as most soft drink cups made from PLA are provided at all Rupp Arena and Lexington Center events. Other product containers serving hot food and liquid such as coffee cups, paper plates, and plastic utensils are made from bagasse, derived from sugar cane pulp.

The transition to greenware and the expansion of the recycling program were initiatives implemented by the Rupp Arena Management team. According to Bill Owen, Lexington Center CEO and President, "The combined initiatives of Carl Hall, Director of Arena Management, and Theresa Lloyd, Event Manager, and Tony Clevenger, Facility Services Manager and his staff, and the general commitment of all Lexington Center employees to get behind this effort, illuminates the leadership role that Lexington Center has chosen to play as an environmentally sensitive, proactive, corporate citizen.”

Clearly, Lexington Center is committed to waste reduction and to doing business in an environmentally sustainable manner. In this spirit, we welcome your input, ideas, and suggestions.