Lexington Opera House
Oct 12 , 2017

Ball Homes Night of Hope

Presented by Cathy Jacobs & Don Jacobs

Please join us for a very special Ball Homes Night of Hope celebrating 20 years of Men’s Recovery at the Hope Center with our featured speaker Thomas Henderson!

Sports writers describe Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson an outrageous, witty, and talented athlete. He was a first-round draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys and an All-Pro Bowl linebacker -- one of the best linebackers in NFL history, in fact. He played in the NFL for seven years and played in three Super Bowls.

Alcohol and drug abuse, however, quickly brought his brilliant career to a stunning halt. He lost it all. He lost his career, his family, and his friends. Because of alcohol abuse and drug addiction, Thomas even lost himself.

Fortunately, in 1983, Thomas's life began to change. Through therapy and the twelve step programs, Thomas established a new way of living. He has been clean and sober since November 8, 1983.

Today, he travels the world, openly sharing his story. He is a lecturer, an educational filmmaker, and a promoter of recovery programs throughout our nation's criminal justice system. He is a community philanthropist and is now a new man sharing his story of hope, courage and change – one day at a time.



Oct 12 , 2017


Lexington Opera House

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